Media Placement Service

Our media placement service can allow you to become a cited expert in the major media, and how to leverage this authority into standing out from the crowd (and getting hired fast).

Media PlacementEveryone knows in this competitive economy, you need to stand out in your field.  One very effective way to do this is to get cited in the major media.  But traditionally media placement has been hard to get. When we say major media, we are not speaking of “Bob’s Blog”. We are speaking about trusted media networks like ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS. You can see an example of it being used at the top of this website page.

By being cited as an industry expert by these media giants through our media placement service, you tap into the trust that they carry. You borrow that trust when you are cited in the major media and display their logos as a badge of honor.

Profile Media PlacementThe media endorses us, because they know this works. Through this media placement program, we have relationships established with the top media outlets that can get you cited as an expert in your field. You are quoted in the media, and linked back to your site or LinkedIn Site.

You will then receive the logos of the four networks to use on your website (Like this one), social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.), business cards, email signatures and profile pictures. This media placement allows you to stand out in your area of business and grab instant recognition from prospects. No one else has this and you need this because of the competition out there. Once you have this trust, they will want to check out your profile and company. It is one more arrow in your marketing arsenal.

Become a quoted expert in the major media today!

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